Terms & Conditions

Check-in and Check-out times

Check-in time is from 2pm on the day of arrival. Check-out time is 10am on the day of departure. Late check-outs may be possible with prior arrangement.

Noise and Disturbance

No noise will be tolerated after 11pm
To address issues relating to safety, noise, disturbance & nuisance particularly during the period 26 December – 6 January , Rangiora Eco Holiday Park reserves the right to…
Request payment of a security bond by individuals or a group
Refuse entry to individuals or a group
Remove individuals or a group without refund
Request payment to fix, clean, or replace damaged, spoilt or destroyed property.


All pets including birds, rats, mice, cats and dogs are not welcome inside any of the buildings or areas owned by the Rangiora Eco Holiday Park. This is to ensure a hygienic and healthy environment for all guests who use our facilities.
We will allow small dogs and cats to be bought into the rooms only at management’s discretion.
That is, cats are to be in a cage at all times over a waterproof cover and small dogs are to sleep on their own bedding.
All other pets should stay in guests vehicles overnight.
Management reserves the right to require guests to leave if the above rules are not strictly adhered to.


Smoking inside all cabins and buildings owned by the Rangiora Eco Holiday Park is strictly prohibited.
If any smoke or drug residue is detected in the guest’s room during their stay, then the full cost of remediation this will be deducted from the guest’s credit card. The minimum amount deducted would be $50..

Cancellation policy:

  • 2 months notice of cancellation required for Christmas/New Year holiday period and January school holidays.
  • 4 weeks notice required for all special events and group bookings.
  • 2 weeks notice required for all other school holiday and public holiday bookings.
  • 48 hours notice required at all other times.
  • Cancellation at short notice will incur a penalty charge of at least one night or the (full) cost of accommodation (booked).